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mountain mining, processing, metallurgical
and other industries
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MSEL (MBE) officially received and uses for production technologies Outotec,
SALA International AB, Metso and Aubema that is now part of Sandvik Mining and Construction.
certificate ISO
Implemented supply equipment
from 2009 to the territory of
Russia and CIS countries.
For our clients we offer very
flexible terms of cooperation.
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international standards
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Our products and services
MSEL produces horizontal slurry pumps at the plant in Bangalore throughout 20 years and on today holds a dominant market share in the mining sector in India.
During this time produced more than 2,000 slurry pumps, working in India. Technology and the design of the pump was obtained SALA International AB Sweden.
Slurry pumps are specially developed for handling slurry with a high concentration solid particles (up to 65%).
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High-speed thickener (HRT)

Currently the solution is relatively old and fairly well-known concept clarification and thickening pulp in the world market.
A distinctive feature of thickeners of this type is a higher value of the ratio of height to diameter of the device (0.5 to 0.7), the increased angle of inclination of the bottom (30°), in-depth in the transition zone between compacted sludge and area drain feedwell, rake design allowing you to securely evacuate compacted slurry.
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The device as the capacitance (bath or cameras), intended for the separation of suspended in a liquid of relatively small solid particles (or allocate them from the fluid) according to their ability to stick introduced into the slurry to gas bubbles, oil drops, etc.
Flotation machine are used for separations from ferrous metals of other substances (plastic, rubber, dirt). Also used for sorting metals, such as: gold, copper, iron, silver, zinc and others.
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Sale of spare parts and components
We supply all spare parts and components is not only compatible with our equipment and with equipment from leading world manufacturers such as: Outotec, SALA International AB, Metso и Aubema, which is now part Sandvik Mining and Construction.
By contacting us you can always buy the necessary spare parts and components for slurry pumps, thickeners and flotation machines.
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Shipping of
INMAS can offer delivery on any terms, according to INCOTERMS in accordance with all required standards for storage and transportation.
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Installation supervision equipment
We provide expert consulting services. The composition of these services is individual for each project and carefully coordinated with customer when drawing up the contract. By carrying out construction supervision, we understand participation of our specialist in mounting on the platforms or run equipment at a customer site.
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Our representation works on the territory of Russia and
CIS countries
• Russia
• Belarus
• Kazakhstan
• Armenia
• Georgia
• Kyrgyzstan
• Tajikistan
• Uzbekistan
• Turkmenistan
• Azerbaijan
• Moldova
Certificate valid representation from January 1, 2014
to December 31, 2015
Rus. Certificate valid representation from January 1, 2014 on
December 31, 2015
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Equipment for the
mountain mining, processing, metallurgical
and other industries
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