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Flotation machine
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Flotation machine - the device as the capacitance (bath or cameras), intended for the separation of suspended in a liquid of relatively small solid particles (or allocate them from the fluid) according to their ability to stick introduced into the slurry to gas bubbles, oil drops, etc.
Flotation machine are used for separations from ferrous metals of other substances (plastic, rubber, dirt). Also used for sorting metals, such as: gold, copper, iron, silver, zinc and others.

Flotation machine consists of motor, impeller and scraper.

The principle of operation

The sucked-in air mixing with the pulp stirring it to the required level, turning in the mixture. The necessary air flotation machine is suctioned due to the negative pressure and the centrifugal force, which are created using the rotating motor of the impeller. Meanwhile peeled the bubbles allow the mineral content to attach to them. When the mineralized bubbles floating on the surface of the mixture, flotation machine adjusts the height of the louvers to collect the useful bubbles.

Features of the flotation machine MSEL

Low level of wear.
Easy start under full load.
Easy installation and maintenance.
Low power consumption.

Characteristics of flotation machines

The capacity of one chamber is from - 1 m3.
Overall dimensions of the machine: length from - 2750 mm, width from - 1980 mm, height from - 2060мм. Productivity on pulp from - 1.5 m3/min.
Productivity on pulp from - 1.5 m3/min.
Throughput flow - from 17 m3/min.

The use of flotation machines:

Aeration of the pulp.
Suspended pulp.
Selective mineralization of air bubbles.
The creation of a zone of the froth layer.
Separation of foam and chamber products.

The working tools of the flotation machines

Elevator for feeding the pulp.
The impeller's chamber.
outlet pipe for tailings.
The pipe for discharging the concentrate.

Classification of flotation machines

Mechanical flotation machine (mixing of the pulp, suction and dispersing air is the impeller)
Pneumo-mechanical flotation machine (air is supplied from blower, dispersing and mixing of the pulp is carried out with the impeller).
Pneumatic flotation machine
machine foam separation
column flotation machine.
Aerolift flotation machine (mixing and aeration of the pulp by feeding compressed air through aerators of various designs).
Vacuum flotation machine (aeration is due to the release of dissolved gases from the pulp)
Compressor flotation machine
Electro-flotation machine (aeration of the liquid by the bubbles released during the electrolysis)
Centrifugal flotation machine.
Flotation machine with jet aeration of the liquid.

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