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High-speed thickener (HRT)
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High-speed thickener (HRT)

Currently the solution is relatively old and fairly well-known concept clarification and thickening pulp in the world market.<br>A distinctive feature of thickeners of this type is a higher value of the ratio of height to diameter of the device (0.5 to 0.7), the increased angle of inclination of the bottom (30°), in-depth in the transition zone between compacted sludge and area drain feedwell, rake design allowing you to securely evacuate compacted slurry.

Main features:

Increased performance
Low consumption of flocculants
High solid content in the unloaded product
Improved clarification

MSEL can offer the following types of thickeners:

Conventional thickeners / clarifiers
High-speed thickeners / clarifiers
The thickeners high compression ratio

MSEL also upgrading existing thickeners of conventional design.

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