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Horizontal pumps VASA
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MSEL produces horizontal slurry pumps at the plant in Bangalore throughout 20 years and on today holds a dominant market share in the mining sector in India. During this time produced more than 2,000 slurry pumps, working in India. Technology and the design of the pump was obtained SALA International AB Sweden. Slurry pumps are specially developed for handling slurry with a high concentration solid particles (up to 65%). These pumps operate at low speeds of rotation of the impeller, with a high operating efficiency, wear resistance, low power consumption and less downtime. The pumps are manufactured in strict accordance with manufacturing procedures, quality standards and testing, the established SALA. MSEL releases the following types of pumps:<br><br>

1.Horizontal pumps VASA

Pumps are designed for pumping abrasive slurry and are mainly used in mineral processing industry for transporting particles and slurries. The use of different lining materials allows pumping of highly abrasive slurry in hydrometallurgical and chemical industries. The pumps are widely used and in the pulp and paper industry, where they are used for pumping of clay, lime is caustic slurry, abrasive liquids, pulp, wood chips, etc. The same pumps are used in various production processes of the sugar-refinery.

2. Horizontal slurry pumps models VASA HD

High-tech hydraulic design of pumps VASA HD designed for transporting heavy slurry in the mining industry, so as guarantee maximum efficiency within all service life flowing parts of pumps.<br>Design - The presence of enlarged roller bearings, united monolithic removable node, and also rigid housing, protecting the gland seal, provides maximum a balanced interaction between the engine and other related parts the pump shaft. Thanks to the use of easily replaceable impeller, for fixing on the shaft used hairpin and conical sleeve, construction save its rigidity even when there is reverse rotation.

The strength of the composite shell designed for high pressure, that allows you to simultaneously connect five equivalent pumps. The liquid end is isolated with seal or expeller seal. In that and other cases are used the impellers, having external expeller vane. Double the protection against leaks, used in gland seal, significantly increases the life of their service.<br>Components - For the manufacture of components for pumps VASA HD we use only natural rubber and high-chromium alloy steel. An additional advantage is the interchangeability of all parts, that reflects favorably on the parameters of wear resistance, as well as the performance of the pump. Lining suction pump may be used as metal and rubber. The parameters balanced impeller make it extremely productive throughout the period of operation.

Service - Sliding frame pump is designed thus, to replacement of any parts could be made as soon as possible facilitate preventative and repair activities.

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